Yes On Prop 72 – Save CA Water

Help save California water.

Californians must learn to live in our new reality of boom-and-bust cycles of rain and drought.

One way to limit the effects of drought is through the installation of rainwater recycling systems.These systems collect, store, and reuse rainwater for landscape irrigation and other uses.

Yes on Proposition 72 will prevent a property tax increase on homeowners who install rainwater recycling systems that benefit our entire state.

More water. Less taxes.

Eliminating the tax penalty for Californians who install systems to store and reuse water off our roofs will save more water for all of us and can lower water bills for millions of Californians. It preserves precious drinking water for California residents and enables us to use less water from our lakes, rivers, and streams, helping fish and wildlife that depend on fresh water for their habitat and food.

Australia has experienced severe drought and successfully embraced rainwater recycling systems as part of their solution. Currently, one-third of Australian homes capture rainwater from their roofs. California can do the same.

California voters approved similar tax reform to encourage the installation of solar panels. A Yes vote on Prop 72 would allow us to do the same thing for rainwater recycling systems. It is unfair and unwise to raise taxes on Californians who recycle rainwater from their roofs in order to conserve our drinking water.

Stop the unfair tax on water conservation and vote Yes on Prop 72!